Got a new piece of equipment, or have one you seldom use or how about one that has a bad radio in it? You are the perfect candidate for fastRADIO.

The majority of us use only a tiny portion of the features that are on our radios.
When I ask a new customer what are the main features they need most in a new radio? Without a doubt, the number one answer is Bluetooth. They want to stream from their phones wirelessly using Spotify,  Apple Music, or iHeart radio. So why pay extra for unused features or go to the trouble of finding a radio that fits. "Looks like I need a new antenna since I keep breaking the one I have off. Well let me tell you about the latest creation from the folks at Heavy Duty Radios.

Introducing fastRADIO. Designed to work in any 12-24 volt application. Small enough to fit any application. Can be ordered with a Plug & Play connector. It's that easy and fast, get it.

Plug it in, turn on the ignition, pair it once to your phone, stream your #$# off. Stream your favorite radio station, stream a football game, stream a Podcast, or heck, stream a stream. Wait, don't think you can stream and stream yet. Well, you get the meaning. If you listen to your own music without commercials or just want the weather forecast, there is, without a doubt, an app for it. No antenna needed.

Well, that's it. No knobs, no antenna, no speakers. Wait, you will need speakers. Use the ones that are already installed, or purchase the hardwired version of fastRADIO and hook up your own speakers. Did I mention it kicks butt with 50 watts and the hardwired version is less than 100 bucks. Enjoy,  from Heavy Duty Radios.

fastRADIO is much smaller than a standard radio.  Standard radios measure 7 inches wide x 2 inches thick by 2.5-7in deep.
Bluetooth Streaming Plug & Play
fastRADIO Hardwire version $99.99
1. Plug fast RADIO into factory radio connector
2. Turn on ignition
3. Pair to phone
4. Listen to your favorite radio stations / music
fastRADIO  pigtail shown with a KUBOTA connector "Tell us what you have"
HD fastRADIO  WIRED version  
Make, Model & Year.
As you can see from the picture, fastRADIO is relatively small. Suggest hiding the unit in the factory radio opening. The manufacturer usually places the radio harness there. Plug into the factory harness and you are ready to go.The wired fast RADIO will switch on/off with the vehicle's ignition. fast RADIO draws no current when the ignition is off. Once the ignition is on and fastRADIO has booted up, it will reconnect to any phone that has been paired and is on and close enough.
Your smartphone has to be paired with fastRADIO for it to work. For pairing instructions, refer to the yellow sticker on the back of the product. It is straightforward, even if you have not paired your phone before. 1. Turn on the ignition to ensure the blue light is on. 2. Open up the settings app on your phone and select "Connected devices." You should see a list of devices that you have previously paired. Below OTHER DEVICES, you will see "Pair a new device." Select "new device." The phone is now searching for any new devices that are in the 50-foot range that are ready to be paired. Look for the word "NEOHIPO." If, after searching, your phone does not display that name, try turning off Bluetooth altogether on your phone, waiting one minute, and then turning it on again. This will refresh the list to see if the name "NEOHIPO" will show this time. It is okay to do this more than once to get it to show. Remember, the word will only show if the fastRADIO's light is glowing blue. When NEOHIPO shows up, tap it to pair it with your phone. It should only take a few seconds. Re-pairing your phone is not necessary. fastRADIO will reconnect automatically each time the vehicle ignition is on. You are ready to stream.
fastRADIO will work on any vehicle that supplies 12-24 volts. If your equipment does not have speakers, you will have to install a set. Suppose you purchase the WIRED version of fastRADIO. In that case, it will plug into the factory-supplied radio connector. We will need to know at the time of purchase (make, model, and year) of the vehicle. If a matching connector is available, it will be wired to fastRADIO so you can plug it in. Not all connectors are available. If there is an issue, we will contact you by text. A pic of the connector might be necessary to ensure it will match.
If you have to install speakers, then purchase the hardwire version of fastRADIO.   There is a six-wire hookup, ignition, and ground left and right speakers +/-.your music.
Do you have a vehicle that is seldom used? One that looks hard or has no place to mount a conventional radio? This would be the perfect vehicle for fastRADIO.  Easy to hook up and can be placed anywhere in the vehicle. Hook to power and ground, hook up a few speakers, and you have a complete system. NOTE: This radio will not draw any current when it is not turned on, so it will not, over time, run down your battery.
Input Mode: Bluetooth
Work Voltage: DC 5V-24V (Above 2A)
Channel: 2 CH Stereo Output
Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.0
Bluetooth transmission distance: 50 Ft
MAX Power Output: 50W x 2
Terminating Impedance: 4 - 8 Ohm
Match Speaker: 50 - 200watt
Work Humidity: 0%~95%RH
1 year warranty
Advanced circuitry design supports reverse connection protection, over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, over-heat protection, and short-circuit protection.
This is the perfect product for the rental trade.  Place the unit out of site on the equipment.  Plug-in or wire it up with only a two wire hook up Install a set of our speakers. Tell your customer to read the yellow  sticker for radio info. No radio to steal or damage or get wet.
Works on 12 or 24 volt systems
compatible with Android & iPhone
Save with Combos