If you spend a lot of time on your lawn mower you would appreciate a well deserved addition to your machine.  A Heavy Duty outdoor stereo that is built for this purpose will help the hours you spend pass by with actual pleasure. Heck before these radios actually existed I added a small transistor radio on my summer job machine.  Not practical but effective if you could afford the batteries.
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Lawn Mower Stereo
4 versions that each have their own special features to make this job a pleasure.  JHD910, JHD910BT, JHD962BT.  Need to stay in touch with your customers that constantly call, look at the JHD916BT version.  Want to listen to a Nascar race, add a Sat tuner to the JHD962BT.  Stay with the base model JHD910 for 30 watts of music blasting through a set of waterproof speakers.  Need a smaller application,  Take a look at the offering from REI.  The AW10KIT is sold as a combo with radio mount, speakers and a antenna. 
Get creative with any of these products. Stereos come with a basic 90 degree metal mount.  Modify this to mount the radio or use one of the various heavy duty mounts made for this purpose.
Add a mount to your JHD910
JHD910    SEE
To complete your lawn mower stereo system you will need a set of speakers unless you are just using the JHD910BT and streaming your music to Bluetooth headphones.  We offer a choice for bar mountable speakers.  The JXHD35 and the killer JXHD65ROPSK speakers.
Killer Lawn Mower Speakers
Lawn Mower Antenna
Make that job more enjoyable with a Lawn Mower Stereo!
Make that job more enjoyable with a Lawn Mower Radio!
Save with Combos
Don't forget the antenna
Save with Combos
Jensen JHD962BT