Polk Ultramarine WB/USB/SiriusXM Ready/iPod & iPhone Ready/Bluetooth with App Control PA4A
  So why are we selling a Marine radio on HEAVY DUTY RADIOS.  The reason we sell this radio here is because we have customers that can use a waterproof full featured radio of this style.  This is a 2 piece radio that allows you to mount the control head shown here in just the right spot and mount the larger tuner box some where it can be located because of it size.  This is a full featured unit with all the features of a standard DIN size stereo.  Its just the radio portion is placed at a separate location connected with a 10ft multi-wire CABLE. This allows this full featured unit to work in a lot of construction equipment and especially those that are subject to moisture issues. For additional information on mounting look at the OWNERS MANUAL
The 200 watt PA4A has been designed and engineered with a solid, marine grade construction ensuring it will withstand the harsh elements encountered in a marine environment such as temperature fluctuations and UV and corrosion damage. This high-tech system features a two-piece modular design with a waterproof commander (IPX6) for the helm and hideaway module (IPX5). The commander features a detachable chrome trim ring, silicone rubber face cover and conformal coated circuit boards which prevent damage from high humidity and salt. It also has the capability to be easily integrated with a boat’s digital control panel. Once the two systems are connected, the main control panel is able to perform all of the functions of the PA4A commander.    Visit your iTunes or Google Play store to download the Ultramarine app
•Low-profile flush-mount design with panel and U-bracket fastening options
•Detachable chrome trim ring for front mounting.
•Rotary encoder for volume control and menu-driven user interface
•Dot Matrix LCD with White color backlight readable in direct sunlight
•2-Wire power system: 12V DC (Ground and 12V power switched)
•Non-Volatile Memory: For station presets, audio and user settings
•Electronic AM/FM Tuner (US/Euro selectable)
•Station Presets: 18 FM, 12 AM, 18 SAT
•RBDS w/PTY search
•NOAA 7-Channel Weather band
•Bluetooth (A2DP streaming audio ; AVRCP remote control)
•iPod/iPhone Ready (via. USB)
•USB 2.0 for Playback of MP3 and WMA audio files
•SiriusXM Ready (SXV200 tuner)
•EQ Presets (Flat, Rock, Pop, Classical, User settings)
•Front and Rear channel RCA Pre-Amp outputs
•Auxiliary Audio RCA Input
•Front Panel Commander Water Resistance Rating: IPx6
•Tuner / Amp Chassis. Water Resistant Rating: IPx5
•ISO Power/ Speaker Connector
•JDAB Wired Remote ready (PRC100BC/ PRC200BC
•Low Battery warning: Audible /Visual warning @ <10.8V
•Max output power: 50W X4 with MOSFET Power IC
•Conformal Coated PCB
•UV Resistant: ASTMD4329 compliant
•Corrosion Resistant Material/ Finishing ASTMB117 compliant
•Includes silicone rubber front panel protective cover
•App Ready (Ultra Marine)
PA4A $524.99
Save with Combos
Save with Combos
PA4A + SAT TUNER $600.00