Looking for the latest features for that new tractor?  Discover the advantage of Bluetooth with your new radio. Stream your music wirelessly from your phone.  Don't miss that important business call just because you like to listen to a radio while working.   Explore new applications for some of our specialized items like the TRA4500 or a wireless camera system from a line of ToughCam systems.  Be sure to check out a new section we call HDR PRODUCTS.  Here you will find products that are unique to Heavy Duty Radios.  Example would be the HD99BT and a Overhead stereo in 12 volt or 24 volt versions that sounds better than all the others.  These items are either made in house or outsourced for their specialty
  Welcome to Heavy Duty Radios.com.  We carry only the best in extreme duty stereos and accessories.  When standard radios fail you need to replace it with a unit that is designed to with stand the extreme and harsh conditions they are used in. The line of products we have listed from selected manufactures are built to take the abuse.  Daily use outside or in wet, dusty conditions will damage a standard duty version.  Built with this intent from the concept will guarantee you a stereo, a radio that gives you what you pay for.  Special features included on selected models are: NOAA Weather, iPod ready, Headphones, Waterproof Chassis, Satellite Ready, Bluetooth, Apps, and Remote Control. Additional purchase required for some features 
  Use the navigation bar to select a heavy duty item like the popular JHD910, the industry standard for Skid Steer applications.  Looking for a new in dash radio for your construction equipment?  Check the line of heavy duty stereos offered by ASA.  Sold under the Jensen trademark the product line is in a class by itself.  Built from the ground up with the job and environment in mind like the popular JHD1630.
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Heavy Duty Radios has added Video to the site.  Watch a selection of tutorials on a wide array of products from simple tasks like setting clock on the JHD62BT to sinking your smart phone to our Bluetooth products like the JHD 962BT.  Easy to watch and learn.  Make those annoying tasks fast and simple to do while learning something about your purchase.
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Our new site has more offerings for COMBOs.  This has become very popular with our customers.  Save money with these EXCLUSIVE bundled packages with options like FREE SHIPPING, ITEM PRICE REDUCTION and convenience. It might pay to look before you make that purchase.  Just select the SAVE COMBO icon.
Need a stereo for your Skid Steer, Excavator, RTV / ATV.  Why not buy one that is built to last... Buy a
                   HEAVY DUTY RADIO
Looking for a well built stereo for your Skid Steer, Excavator, ATV/RTV.  Buy one that will last.  Purchase a HEAVY DUTY RADIO.
  Since a lot of you are using a tablet or a cell for shopping now, we have added the TextMe feature to make it easy to contact us.  Its easy if you are already using the text feature on your phone.  Just click on the TextMe icon and use the number showing to send your text to.  You may use this when you need to contact us.  This feature is monitored and you might get a response faster than email or even a phone call.  Give it a try if you are wanting to send us a picture or need a answer to a question.
Exclusive Produst available only HDR
  Another exciting feature we have added to our site is a section we call HDR PRODUCTS.  These are exclusive products made in house and only available here on HDR.  Merits a look as these products were in response to our customers needs and requests.  Take a look...
Shopping for a stereo for your Skid Steer, Excavator or RTV.  Why not buy one that will last.  Choose a HEAVY DUTY RADIO
The latest item available to Heavy Duty Equipment Operators for excavator, wheel loader, dump truck, UTV, ATV, RTV or any machine you want a hidden radio with Bluetooth.  Works 12 or 24 volt.
12/24 volt Heavy Duty Smart Speaker